Heads, Hands, Heart, and Health.

Good morning.  So far it has been a great morning.  The Leflore High School Pre-Med students have arrived and the Health Rocks training part 1 has begun.  Just for starters; let me give a little history about the Health Rocks training program.  Health Rocks is a healthy living program designed to enrich teen youth life skills in the area of critical thinking, decision-making, communication, managing feelings, stress management, and goal setting to help them resist risky behaviors.  Risky behaviors such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and tobacco abuse.   The Health Rocks program is part of the National 4-H Curriculum (Heads, Hands, Heart, and Health) that meets the National health and Education Standards; which are the framework for health instruction in schools.

The Health Rocks program is aligned in eight standards with the primary focus in meeting the essential goal of enabling students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote personal, family, and community health.  So far the students are beginning to learn just that. The basic skills of helping and knowing how to work together to help others.  The students are now participating  in an exercise consisted of “Letting Your Head Rule.”  This exercise demonstrates how emotions affect our decisions.

The students are understanding that sometimes in life they will be faced with unexpected decisions.  Decisions that target their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth.  Well Health Rocks is teaching that no one can handle decisions by themselves.  We all need some type of support group, and with a positive support group; better decisions will be made  and good health will be maintained as well.  As Ms. Outlaw stated “with the right team working together, everybody is a winner.”

The students have now started “Did You Know”, drug awareness.  This exercise allows the students to be aware of detrimental and long term affect of drug use, and how drugs decrease our healthy living, our future, and our longevity of life. The students are being educated on cocaine, crack cocaine, crystal meth, DXM or cough-suppressing, or as the kids say “syrup”, GHB A.K.A. “date rape”, heroin, inhalants, ketamine, “I never heard of it!  Apparently ketamine is a veterinary medicine used as an anesthetic but in humans is a dissociative or a felling of detachment or disconnected.  WOWWWW.” These are everyday drugs that are destroying our kids and community as a whole.

It’s wonderful to see the kids not only learning, but enjoying what they are learning as well.  The Pre-Med students are fully engaged, aware, and are serious about their future careers in the medical field.  This is truly a heart felt experience and I am delighted to be apart of The Health Rocks Program.

healthrocks11    health rocks2   health rocks        health rocks3


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